Monday, October 30, 2017

Four year break

I stopped posting here when I stopped working in ceramics. I lost interest. I developed a different hobby that is time consuming (cycling). Ceramics is a hobby for me and I just let it fall by the side as I dove head first into cycling.

I was also frustrated. I had little to no control over firing my pots. As I am focused on glazes this is a big deal. The cooling schedule can dramatically impact a glaze. I worked at a studio at a community college. They had 4 kilns, each with very different characteristics. After two or three firings in one kiln I would tweak my glaze for that kiln, then my pots would be fired in a different kiln and the new glaze would either be over fired or under fired. By the end I had stopped firing the pots I really liked. I knew if I fired them in such a haphazard manner some or all of them would be ruined.

After several years away from ceramics I have been itching to get back into pottery. I had been reaching out whenever I saw a possible opening in a ceramic studio. I finally found a spot where I think I'll be able to explore what interests me.

I am currently gearing up to dive back into ceramics. Buying a wheel (Shimpo whisper), moving glaze recipes to

I need to start throwing again after four years away from the wheel. I am going to focus on bowls. Just bowls until I am comfortable that I throwing well. In parallel I am re-testing the recipes I used to use as well as trying some new glazes. I have some ideas that I am excited to try.


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Erik Evans said...

Hey, I can relate. Good luck. And you can never spend too much time tweaking glazes!