Friday, May 3, 2013

Most recent test tiles

This first one is John Britt's Panama Red fired in oxidation with 0.5% silicone carbine added. It is really bubbly and pinholed. Not good. 

This is an iron yellow I have used in the past. This falls into the category I recently wrote about; good regardless of cooling schedule.

This is a blue crystalline glaze. The crappy phone camera doesn't really capture the crystals but they're there. 

All the iron reds came out like this. Muddy. 

Another cone 6 copper red. Ugh.

This beauty is called Barringer metallic. It is stunning. Mirror black with hints of blue.

Pinnell's weathered bronze.

Pinnell's with different colorants. I really like this as a matte black.

Another Jon Britt glaze. This one is Selsor Oribe. Love it.

Ummm... don't recall what this was. Will have to look it up.

This was a black crystalline glaze. Obviously didn't go as planned but I still like it. A nice matte black.

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