Thursday, February 14, 2013

Back in the studio

So I have been out of the ceramic studio for almost two years. I am back at it. I have made one major change, I moved from porcelain to stoneware. I love porcelain I really do. the feel when you throw it. The whites you can get. it's just a beautiful clay. But it has it's down side specifically it's tougher to throw than other clays.

As I was coming back to the studio after a prolonged absence I wanted to not embarrass myself with a simple bowl that had walls 1/2 an inch thick so I decided to start with 50lbs of stoneware. Well like riding a bike throwing came back to me in about 0.1 seconds. The pieces I threw were some of my best ever. Thin, light. Well shaped. Because I can do in stoneware some of the things I can't do well with porcelain. So I am sticking with stoneware for awhile.

I have a batch of glazed ware that should be coming out of the kiln this weekend. Using tried and true recipes. I have a couple of test recipes as well, a snowflake crackle and a cone 6 oil spot. Both cribbed from John Britt. Will post pics if they don't suck too hard.