Thursday, May 12, 2011

Peach Blossom

Well this post is a first. It's all about a pot that I didn't make.

About a year ago I was visiting an out of town nursery and I spotted a beautiful peach blossom vase. It was remarkable, everything that I had read a peach blossom should be. It was mostly white with a large copper red splotch on one side. The copper red area faded in nicely and at it's center was a deep variegated purple. Truly was one of the most beautiful pots I have ever seen in person. For reasons I don't recall I decided not to buy the pot.

A year has past. I went back to the nursery recently. It's over an hour drive from my house and they only open when they feel like it, which is usually one weekend a month, in the spring and summer. It's run by a retired couple. I went straight to the spot where I saw the peach blossom pot last year. No luck. And I shouldn't have expected it to be there. It was truly museum quality. It was one of those finds like finding a Picasso at a garage sale. I would have expected the signature on the pot to turn out to be a Japanese National Treasure or something.

I started wandering the grounds of the nursery, looking at odd colored irises, exotic lilies, when I spotted this vase in a different portion of the nursery. There is was, still for sale. I didn't make the same mistake twice. I immediately scooped it up.

I did check for a signature - because seriously, best pot I have ever seen outside a museum. Nothing. No signature, no mark, nothing.

The picture doesn't convey how the pot feels in the hand. It's light, balanced. The glaze is thick but there are no runs. The glaze around the foot is perfect, no drips.

The beautiful no signature pot sold for... $15.

Back to my pottery ... not much new to report. I have been very busy around my house with spring arriving so I have been spending less time at the studio. In fact I haven't been there to work (I was there for a sale) in a couple of weeks. My yard and house need the attention right now. Once summer gets into full swing and my yard is under control I will have more time to get dirty in the studio.

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LGHT said...

I made a few of them and still have a couple left if your looking for more.