Sunday, April 3, 2011

New pots

Fresh from the kiln:

Inside is iron yellow though you can't see it in this picture. Top outside is lorio as modified to cone 6, bottom portion of the outside is my cone 6 version of Richard Areni's Obsidian 3 glaze.

My faux celedon. It's a little much faux and little too little celedon for my tastes.

The 4 iron reds I was testing came out ok. The old standby, Bailey's Red was by far the best. I am giving all 4 a second firing in a bisque load to see if any of them respond well to that before I make up my mind which one to use.

I had two other pots in the kiln that came out fairly nice One was a large round vase that had strictly lorio ash on it. Came out very nice, I left it at the studio as we have a sale in a few days. Maybe I can get a few dollars for it. The other pot was a large bottle, top portion was a dark blue crystal, the bottom portion was oxy red. Came out as it should. It just looked better in my mind. That one is also at the studio, Maybe it will sing to someone, I think it's fugly.

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geolewter said...

I particularly like the outlining of the lorio ash runs down in the obsidian.