Thursday, March 10, 2011

So maybe the fourth time is a charm.

Since I moved to Seattle I have attended three different studios. I am about to move to my fourth.

Initially I tried to stay at my original studio. It was great, loved the people, but it was about 35 miles away. Too far. I didn’t want to drive 45 minutes each way to trim a single pot. So I left in search of a closer studio.

I started going to Pottery Northwest. PNW is a great place. I learned a lot, met some super cool people. I learned from potters that I consider top shelf. I got to experience fuel based kilns – meaning reduction. But PNW was/is very expensive. Over $300 every 10 weeks. Plus materials. So I went looking for a cheaper studio.

I found that my local community college has an open studio “class”. Basically you sign up, come in and do whatever the heck you want. This was working for me. Cheap, close by, less than 3 miles from my house. I was pretty happy. Then randomly for no particular reason I looked for pottery studios in my neighborhood on Craig’s list. I found a studio 3 blocks from my house.

So I am moving my traveling road show to my fourth studio in the last few years. The studio appears to be pretty great. It’s walking distance to my house. I get 24/7 access. I get to fire my own work. They are in the process of building a spray booth. There appears to be about 6 potters working in this studio. I am pretty excited.

I am hoping most of my glazes transfer easily. I am also hoping that the easier access will allow me to do more work. Between the restrictions visiting the college (only allowed in on Saturdays and late Tuesday nights) and some much needed home repairs I haven’t completed any work for a couple of months. I hope to change that.

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