Friday, February 18, 2011

Ah sweet sweet chaos

I really like the Val's Turquoise Matte, so I decided to try it with different oxides. The results surprised me a little.

Val's Matte with RIO.

Again I am using my camera phone so the picture kind of sucks. The glaze has a lot of movement. More than any other oxide. It cleared a little, it's not as matte. It's a very pretty pale yellow.

Val's Matte with Chrome.

A wonderful mottled green with yellow-ish spots. A truly unexpected surprise.

Val's Matte with Manganese Dioxide.

It doesn't come through in the picture but it's a wonderful matte dark burgundy.

Val' Matte with Nickel Carbonate.

This one was a disappointment. I was hoping for a purple, I got a nasty tan.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Three new glazes

A new iron yellow. I like this one and will be using it.

A cone 6 crackle. This is nice but I like the other crackle I tested better so this one will not get much love.

This is a modification of Kuan Crackle in John Britt's book. My crappy phone camera really doesn't reveal the difference between the two glazes but in person the Kuan has a nicer white color and more depth.

Lastly a shot of some bowls with Val's Turquoise Matte. Again the camera sucks. Looks a lot better in person. Using a phone camera with my kitchen counter lighting. I need to get a real camera.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

More of Val's ________ Matte

So I was reading through Robin Hopper's "Ceramic Spectrum" and I realized that the Val's Turquoise Matte I recently tested and love could be extended. Robin Hopper's book as a section of flux saturated glazes - and nearly all coloring oxides look good in cone6 oxidation in a flux saturated glaze. Val's Turquoise Matte is obviously not on of the recipes listed in Mr. Hopper's book but it is similar enough that I expect to get some good results. I am mixing up Val's Flux Saturated Matte with the following:

RIO - 5% - I expect this to be the elusive iron yellow I have been seeking.
Chrome - 3% - I am hoping for a yellow/green.
Manganese Dioxide - 3.5% - Purple maybe?
Nickel Carb - 3% - Hoping for Muave/Purple

It will be a few weeks before I get the glazes mixed and fired but I'll post the results.