Sunday, January 23, 2011

Val's Turquoise Matte

Val’s Turquoise Matte
Neph Syn 61.54
Strontium Carb 20.88
OM4 6.59
Silica 7.69
Lithium Carbonate 3.3
Copper Carb 3.5
Bentonite 4

Picture makes it look a lot darker than it actually is.


Scott said...

Thanks for posting the pic and recipe.

Des Moines, WA

Joanne Leclerc said...

Is this a cone 6 glaze?

andrea chiu said...

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Frans Rood said...

Is there a firing Schedule for this Vals, Turquoise glaze that you reccomend!
Thanks, for this, and sharing.

joy said...

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