Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Second batch of test tiles

The second batch of test tiles came out better than the first batch.

I did a second attempt at a cone 6 black temmoku. It came out Ok. It looks like a temmoku but it's dark brown, not black. A few tweaks and this one should be good. Not sure what tweaks yet.

The second one was an attempt at an iron yellow. It is beige-ish. Not too bad. The cool thing is that completely unintentionally I has some jun like opalescence. I think I am going to tweak this one to bring out the opalescence.

Lastly was the real winner, a turquoise matte. This one came out really wonderful. It has depth and movement. It's a dark turquoise, almost blue. It is variegated with a lot of movement. The glaze is Val's Turquoise Matte. Val Cushing is the man. I have seen this recipe around the net and always wanted to try it. I wish I had tried it years ago.

I have pictures of all three but misplaced the cord to quickly move the pictures to my laptop. I'll post the photos in the next few days.


Scott said...

Hi Eric,
I searched the web and found a few different recipes for Val's Turquoise Matte as well as Turquoise Matte. Would you mind posting the recipe you are testing? And the original if you tweaked the version you are using?

Des Moines, WA

Eric Preece said...

Val’s Turquoise Matte
Neph Syn 61.54
Strontium Carb 20.88
OM4 6.59
Silica 7.69
Lithium Carbonate 3.3
Copper Carb 3.5
Bentonite 4

Des Moines? I am in West Seattle ;)

UCID- 81' said...

Eric, greetings from Portland, OR. Found your blog and was trying to get a copy of your database.