Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tests done

So I spent some time getting my tests ready.

I have a line test of bailey's red (cone 6). Line testing from 5%-14% RIO.

I am also testing a new clear. No line test just a single tile. If it melts and doesn't craze it's a winner.

A test tile of my cone 6 Obsidian #3. This is derived from a Richard Aerni recipe:

Alberta Slip 75
F3134 25
Cobalt Carb 5

Next is a new black temmoku.

Nepheline Syenite 14.4
EPK 19.9
Dolomite 18.3
Whiting 7.5
Silica 39.9
Lithium Carbonate 2
Red Iron Oxide 9

On top of these tests I made test tiles of some of my normal glazes - lorio ash, nuka, and a chrome/tin pink.

I'll post pictures when I get them - probably after Jan 1.

Oh and I was pretty bummed about my last glaze batch. Everything was over fired. I think one of the kilns at the new studio is over firing. The bisqued test tiles were also over fired. I had to toss out about 10 of them as they wouldn't take any glaze - they had partially vitrified. So I am not starting over with my normal cone 6 glazes. I am talking to the powers that be at the new studio about fixing the kiln instead.

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