Friday, December 31, 2010

Santa was good to me

I asked for a cheap hand held blender for Christmas and Santa delivered.

I read about using a hand held mixer for glazes online somewhere (John Britt?) and I thought it might work. Well today I used my new mixer for the first time. Hot damn Skippy it rocks.

Normally when I mix a batch of a test glaze I mix 300 grams in a small tupperware container. I run the glaze through an 80 mess sieve twice to mix it. It's a slow and messy process.

Today I stuck my new mixer into the text glaze turned it on and 30 seconds later the glaze was perfectly mixed with no mess at all. What would have taken me 20 minutes before took me less than a minute. And it was much cleaner.

If you mix glazes buy a hand held mixer. You will be happy.

Thank you Santa!

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