Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A new glaze to test

I am getting antsy to see the glaze tests I dd last week. I have to wait until next week to see them.
In the mean time I was looking for another black temmoku. I came across this recipe that is from Nigel Woods' great book:

Silica 20.5
Wollastonite 18.5
Custer 19
EPK 14.7
Ball Clay 14.7
Iron oxide 9
Mang dioxide 3.2
Cobalt carb 0.5

This is a cone 10 glaze. So I tweaked it:

Silica 23
Wollastonite 21
Neph Syn 22
EPK 17
Grestely Borate 17
Iron oxide 9
Mang carb 3.2
Cobalt carb 0.5

I changed the manganese dioxide to carbonate as 3.2 percent of manganese dioxide makes me nervous. I added borate to help drop the melting point and removed some clay for the same reason. Also swapped the feldspar from custer to neph syn. then normalized the recipe to 100 without colorants.

I also have been reading a lot about Brother Thomas. His work is truly inspiring. I saw some of his pots have manganese over temmoku. I am going to mix up some mang. washes with grestely borate.

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