Monday, November 15, 2010

Now the anticipation

So I threw some nice pots - or what I consider nice pots - and mixed up several cone 6 oxidation glazes I have used in the past. I am now waiting to see how the recipes that I had used in other kilns react in the new studio's kilns.

I am going to old standards, lorio ash, nuka, Bailey's red, blue hare. I also tred a new glaze, a copper red that I am using for a faux celedon. I am hopeful.

I have three large bowls, a platter,and 8 tumblers. The tumblers are all glazed clear.They are going to be a Christmas gift for one of my sons. After the glaze firing I will be using decals to personalize the mugs. I am excited to try this new technique.

Now to resume my quest for a full palette of cone 6 oxidation glazes. Still looking for the rich beautiful tenmoku.

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