Monday, October 25, 2010

Glaze db down. For good.

I took the glaze db offline.

Just didn't have the time nor drive to fix the UI bugs or update it.

If you're interested email me or leave a comment and I will send you a SQL dump so you can set it up on your own machine.


Belinda said...

Hi, Eric,

I can't find your email on the blog and lost my link to the ^6 website where I found your blog so thought I'd request your data base here as a comment. If it's not a hassle, I would LOVE to see the glazes you have collected. What a labor of love!

So sad that you had to abandon the quest but sometimes its just the wisest thing to do. Cut the losses and move on. Life...

Belinda Willis

LGHT said...

Is the DB setup to host online? If so I'll be glad to host it as long as it's a SQL DB. Just let me know.

Eric Preece said...


It's a SQL db. If you want a copy just let me know where to send it.


I sent you a copy =)

Robert Robl said...

Hi Eric,

I'm a web designer and university potter in Anchorage, Alaska. May I have a copy of your db? I'm going to start on an online tool for the community Including images in the db records. A fellow glaze junkie...
Nice work on this years tests so far, I'm headed to the glaze lab now.

Many thanks,
Robert Robl

B said...

Hi Eric,
Thanks for your blog. After a long break from clay, I found it exiting and inspiring to follow your glaze journey.
I would love to see your data base if you wouldn't mind sending it. Thank you for your generosity

Elena Polikarpova said...

Hi Eric,
I would love to see your data base, if possible.