Saturday, August 14, 2010

A tipping point

I posted previously that the pots I have been making lately are sub-standard as I have been folding in new techniques. Well last night was a bit of a watershed for me.

Last night I put the finishing touches on 3 tea pots. Any tea pot is an accomplishment for me – or any potter really. Tea pots, in my opinion, are the pinnacle of our craft. I incorporated several new tricks and techniques and created 3 tea pots I am mostly happy with. One is the best pot I have made to date.

All three were thrown as closed forms. All three have thrown spouts. All three have lids cut from the original closed form. All three have attached then pulled handles. Handles are still the bane of my existence. One handle came out exactly as I envisioned. One came out Ok. One is meh.

In addition to the tea pots I threw 3 large platters. I used techniques I picked up at PNW. The platters are also the best platters I’ve thrown. Large, good thinkness, lines I like.

This post isn’t to brag but to reflect on how much my time at PNW has helped me improve my pottery skills. I am eagerly awaiting the Fall schedule to see what part of my game I can work on.

Now I just have to hope that I don’t trash the sweet new pots when I glaze them ;)

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