Saturday, July 24, 2010

Steady progress

While I have been avoiding my obsession with glazes I have been throwing myself into the current class. I am concentrating on improving my pots - not just my glazes. I am having a ton of fun. I am making a lot of pots but most of them suck. They suck because I am doing things I am not comfortable doing. I am doing things I am not good at. It's kind of odd. I am having more fun making really terrible pots.

I am learning to cut darts out to turn pots oval.

I am pulling pouring lips on pots.

I was challenged to "make a cute pot". Ever try to make a cute pot?

I am making tea pots from closed forms.

I am making spouts from slabs.

These are all new for me. The pots I am making show my inexperience with the techniques. So no cool new pots to post. Not even kinda good new pots to post. But hey, I am happy and making progress.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wheels turning again

Back in the studio.

I realized I am spending a lot less time in the studio recently. There are reasons which don't need to be discussed here but I am making an effort to keep my butt in the studio.

I am enjoying the new class. Learning a lot. Using techniques that I am not comfortable with. Making pots I have never made. Very challenging and rewarding.

A lot of greenware drying. I will post pics once things start to fire.

I am still trying to obsess less about glazes. I am doing one experiment using Richard Aerni's slips and glazes. Again, will post details as things fire.