Saturday, May 1, 2010


I was at the studio today. I trimmed and put handles on 11 mugs. These go with the 8 I did the other day. I started out with the goal of making 6 mugs for a set. In order to get 6 I really liked I figured I would have to make 18 mugs. I started making 20. I dropped 1 so I am at 19. I figure I'll lose at least 1 more to some freak thing.

I am encouraged though. All 19 have the same basic form, the same lines, the same handles. The vary in size and I am still working on that. But I am pretty confident that once these are glazed and fired they will be easily recognizable as a set. And with 19 headed to the kiln I should be able to find 6 that I like - and that was the goal. A set of 6 mugs.

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