Thursday, May 20, 2010

A moment of satisfaction

Pottery often frustrates me. I often spend time working on items that break or look funky when glazed or whatever. Pottery frustrates me.

But sometimes I get the little reward that makes all the crap worth while. I had one such moment this week. I went to the studio and grabbed a large bowl that I had glazed. The top half was kaki, the bottom half, both inside and out is a carbon trap shino. It came out beautiful. The kaki is red-ish purple. Really very red. Not brown, not coppery, red. A red iron red. The carbon trap shino came out looking like it was pulled out of a Malcom Davis slide. A deep tan with blooms of black.

I love this bowl. I haven't decided if I should sell it, keep it or gift it. I would post pictures but I still only have my phone camera and those pictures would not do justice to this little beauty.

But as with everything pottery there was frustrations that evening too. I had three - FREAKIN THREE!!! - mugs broken (out of my original 20) just moving them to a different shelf. THREE. Then someone broke one on the shelf waiting for bisque. But kindly left all the pieces in a neat pile. Then I had 4 more had their handles pop off. The handle issue is something I have struggled with for years. I think I am down to about10 mugs. And I haven't glazed yet.

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