Sunday, May 2, 2010

glaze db up and running again

Up and running.

Not 100% finished but it's functional.

About2,000 glaze recipes.



JS said...

Is it up? I went to the URL shown and nothing I put in any field (cone, color) let the "submit" button work: no glazes returned...

Eric Preece said...

Odd. Must be a bug. Everything appears to be working for me and half the logs show no activity - but half the logs show some activity.

Thanks for pointing this out. I will look into it.

Paula Henderson Pottery said...

Is working yet? It sounds like a great site, but I can't find anything on it.

Eric Preece said...

Hi Paula,

The site is up and running. Having said that I occasionally get reports of it totally not working for some people. So I have a bug somewhere.

Can I get the browser and OS you're using?


Paula Henderson Pottery said...

Maybe my old computer is my problem (one of them).

I use Microsoft XP 2002, and Internet Explorer.

I can click on the headings (Color, Name, Cone, Ingredient, and Tag but nothing happens. If I enter any thing in the submit button, nothing happens there either. Hope this helps.

Paula Henderson Pottery said...


I just changed my browser to Safari and it works!:)
Thanks for posting all these wonder glazes.

Eric Preece said...

Thanks Paula, Great data points to have. I will work on getting this working in older versions of IE.