Friday, April 9, 2010

On cruise control

I have been doing some work in the studio but not a lot.

I made a fairly nice bowl. It's a little special because my parents were visiting when I was glazing it and my Mom helped me glaze. She had on my mask, I taught her to use the spray gun. It was fun. It turned out fair nice. I am giving her the bowl.

The glaze palette I was working on for the new studio is on hold. I will be staying at the new studio for a few more months but my wife and I decided to turn our out building into a studio. So I will have a studio of my own in my back yard. Pretty freakin cool.

it will take several months to get everything put together. And once again I will be in a bit of a limbo. Spending time and money putting together a new studio which means less time actually producing pottery.

On the plus side I get full control over the kiln and firing. I am going electric. I am not comfortable with a fuel kiln in my back yard. I am going to get the best computer controlled kiln I can afford. I am hoping for some precision firings in the cone 6 and cone 9 range. Cone 6 for most glazes but cone 9 for oil spots.

Very excited.

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