Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More of the same

Was a busy week at work last week and didn't get a chance to hang out at the studio much. I did take some time over the weekend to mix some glazes to test. I decided to go to square one. I mixed a handful of glazes straight from John Britt's book. I'll see how they turn out and tweak as needed. I did do the line test of the lorio ash I mentioned in my last post. All those tiles should be fired this coming weekend.

One test I am looking forward to seeing is a tile with a carbon trap shino under lorio ash. I am trying for the stunning yellows that Nick Joerling gets with an ash glaze over a carbon trap shino.

I spent time hunched over a wheel throwing more coffee cups. I chose coffee cups because I could use more and it's a simple shape. I am working on becoming consistent in my throwing. It's really been a struggle for me. I keep thinking of the words I read somewhere "to master a shape you need to throw 50-100 of them". I don't know who said it but I think they were low balling the number. I've thrown a few dozen of this specific coffee cup shape before I started this little journey. I've thrown 20 since I started to try to master this shape and I still feel like the pots are wildly different. Out of the eight I have handles on I actually like three of them. Two of them I should have throw out. I will be putting handles on the rest this weekend.

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