Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The last of the first batch of test results

The last four tests from my first batch of tests came out of the kiln. I am not posting pictures because I am getting sick. But not too sick to toss out a few lines about the results.

I tested two oil spots. Both were mis-fires. Someone loaded them into the reduction kiln. Reduction means no oil spots. I'll have to re-test these.

The other two came out freakin' awesome.

One was a copper red. I made a mistake but this time it came out great. I forgot to mix it. It came out very deep purple with turquoise spots. Amazing looking. No idea if I can reproduce it.

The last one was a glaze called called Virden Wrinkle. I got it from John Britt's book. It came out better than the test tiles in the book. It got the wrinkling effect but instead of a flat dark gray the glaze came out a shiny metallic black. I will be using this a lot.

I will post recipes and pictures later.

Off to change into PJs and take some Nyqil.

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