Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things keep moving... slowly

Ah the holidays are over, visits out of state to family are over and I am back in the studio. And back to working on version 2.0 of the glaze data base.

While I love the new studio I find myself spending less time there than I did at the last studio. I am just not in the swing of it yet. But I am still working. I threw a set of 6 mugs last night and will be making test tiles to test the house glazes and my first batch of new cone 10 reduction glazes this week.

I still have to figure out what glazes I will try. I was excited for oil spot glazes but I think I will wait on those and concentrate on reduction only glazes.

There has been more movement on the glaze db front.

Version 2.0 is shaping up very nicely. I have the API working but not finished quite yet. I haven't even started the UI but I hired a graphic artist to design the UI. The designer is my daughter. She's going to college in the Fall for art and design. I figure she can add my site to her portfolio and she;ll do a better job than my designing it. Version 1.0 of the site, while functional was pretty damn ugly. I am excited about publishing the new version. The API is completely rewritten and more stable.

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