Saturday, February 20, 2010

Testing ramping up

I have a batch of test tiles waiting to be glaze fired. They may be done today, I'll see when I get to the studio later today. Testing a copper red, lorio ash, and all the house glazes, as well as a pair of carbon trap shinos.

I also had quite a bit of interest in exploring a cone 6/7 oil spot. I had previously chatted via email with John Britt about oil spots fired at temps lower than cone 10 and he said it's indeed possible. So I am working on seeing what actually works.

I started mixing test batches last night and will mix up 4 or 5 more this morning before hitting the studio.

So far I am using the oil spot recipes in John's book as a starting place. In all the tests I am simply adding 5-7% F3110. That will be my first test; does it melt at cone 6 with the addition of the frit? I will make adjustments based on results.

I am fairly excited as I have worked with candace black before and it's a beautiful glaze. John sent me his cone 6 version of that glaze. I will be test firing it soon. Plus I am trying my hand at a couple of oil spots that produce red sot; bailey's oil spot and SG-12.

I will post pictures and recipes as soon as stuff gets fired.

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