Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New glaze lab

This morning I set up my garage as a glaze lab. It was stupid easy but a fun and needed first step.

I have had all the chemicals as I have been making my own glazes for several years but I have never done it at home. I have a work bench in my garage and I just organized everything on the work bench. No big thing.

But something about it got me excited. Maybe it was the ease of having my entire ceramics reference library a few feet away. I went inside and grabbed my copy of “The Complete Guide To High Fire Glazes” and put it with my Ohaus scale. I didn’t need the book… but it was cool to have it so accessible. I am so used to not having any of my notes or books when I am mixing glazes.

I mixed up four glaze tests. I should have some bisqued test tiles that I can use tonight. In theory I should have fired tests by the weekend. I am testing two cone 6 shinos, a cone 6 copper red, and my modified lorio ash glaze. That’s not too experimental but I need to see how it will react in the new kilns and I have only fired it in oxidation, so let’s see how it reacts in reduction. I’ll post recipes if any of them are worth keeping. The lorio ash has been posted a couple of times.

I am hopeful on all the test recipes. All but the lorio ash came from John Britt. And he is The Man when it comes to glazes. While I am sure the glazes will need to be tweaked I am hopeful that all will be good starting points. I am super excited about the copper red. The pictures of the test tiles I have seen are nothing short of jaw dropping.

I will also make tests of all the house glazes at the studio. I need to see how they look on the clay I am using. I will be mixing up 1k gram batches of my old stand by glazes; SCM, Obsidian 3, lorio ash, crystal base w/ cobalt, seiji nuka. I am hoping to get use of the house iron red, temmoku, and tea dust glazes.

Slightly off topic but holy crap it rocks having a house big enough to set up a wood shop in my shed, an office for books in one of the empty bedrooms and still have plenty of room to dedicate my garage to making glazes. Oh and the car still fits in the garage.

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