Thursday, February 25, 2010

More test results - copper reds

Two of the three copper reds I was testing were fired. The third didn't make it into the kiln =(

Panama Red (John Britt)

Dolomite 7.8%
Grestly Borate 10.7%
Strontium Carb 4.2%
Whiting 2.6%
Zinc Oxide 2.6%
Custer 44.1%
3110 9.7%
EPK 2.6%
Silica 15.8%

Comments: Very purple. Not clear, very opaque. I will work on this one.

Blue/Green Copper red (Ceramics Monthly)

Talc 3.3%
Whiting 14.29%
3134 13.33%
F4 feldspar 46.16%
EPK 6.4%
Silica 16.52%

Comments: Redder than the other test but still opaque and purple. I will work on this one as well.

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