Saturday, February 27, 2010

Glaze database update

Warning - only tangentially related to pottery. Proceed at your own risk.

The glaze database project is a great example of why I rarely code.

I have the back end completely rewritten and working. No big thing. However this week I started looking at Google Web Tools. Using GWT is like being given the keys to a freakin' spaceship. Armed with photon torpedoes. And lasers. It's so much more powerful than any other tool suite I've ever seen.

GWT is a java SDK. They - Google - provide the SDK as well as a plugin for Eclipse, a very powerful open source java IDE. So far using their code and tools I have stepped through the first of their tutorials. I have learned enough to know I will be using GWT for the foreseeable future for any and all web development.

For those who may have gotten this far and know a thing or two about development; GWT is compiled java that renders dynamic html and javascript. So you can use a java debugger for your ajax apps. Breakpoints, not alert windows. Compiled code, all the ajax pre-written by Google. Truly a thing of beauty. I wrote a fairly complex ajax app in about 200 lines of java. Not a single line of html or javascript. And it was fast as hell. Time to learn java.

And here's the rub. I am going to trash my current working version of my web app for glazes. Again. So I can rewrite it from scratch. Again. My issue with coding, my coding problem. I often reach the point where I must rewrite my code prior to finishing it which results in the time it takes for me to publish code being many times longer than it would take a normal person.

Funny though, I am similar with pottery. My favorite pot is the one I am about to throw. My least favorite pot? The one I just threw. My favorite glaze? The one I am still formulating, not the one I just applied to a pot.

C'est la vie.

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