Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hitting the reset button

So next week I start at my new studio. It will be bittersweet. I loved my old studio and will miss them terribly. I am excited about the expanded horizons the new studio presents.

The new studio will be a complete reset. First I will have to decide if I will be working in high fire (cone 10) or mid-fire (cone 6). Once I make that call then I have to start from the ground up, literally. Which clay will I be using? Will I move to stoneware? Stay with porcelain? I will most like develop an entirely new glaze palette as a result of the studio move. I will be starting with my tools, and all my chemicals. Nothing else. No glazes, no clays.

I am excited by the unknown here. I know I will be doing/working with new processes techniques. I will probably try my hand at soda firing. I may move to high fire. Shinos and copper reds call to me. The new studio also has a really kick ass raku set up. I may do some more raku.

Exciting times.

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