Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A new pottery home

Well, after my very frustrating time with one studio I had a very pleasant time with another.

I will be leaving the studio I currently belong to and moving to Pottery Northwest. I met with Wally, the director, and he was awesome as ever. I have taken a class from him and while we may not be drinking buddies we're certainly on friendly terms. I explained what I was looking for - a place to get my hands dirty without predefined limits. He eagerly listened and laid out how I could accomplish my goals at Pottery Northwest.

The next month I will be transitioning out of my existing studio, finishing all my pieces, moving my glaze chemicals, tools. I begin at PNW in Jan. I am soooo looking forward to it.

PNW is a great place, take a look. Many electric kilns, several gas kilns, three if I recall correctly. One is a soda kiln. I've never fired soda before. Frankly never had a desire to but at least it's an option. They have a great glaze set up. Some fairly cool in house glazes. A great low fire tea dust. They have a spray booth. I would be lost without my spray gun. They do a lot of raku and have a nice raku set up.

Wally is great to work with. He allows and encourages experimentation. We had a number of interesting conversations about glaze development in the past. Really he's a great guy.

I'm very happy with how things turned out. I know it sounds dopey and cliche but everything happens for a reason. The studio that treated me like I was some kind of bum to be shooed away is a distant second to PNW when it comes to Seattle area studios. I am very happy this is where I landed.

The down side is leaving the studio I have been at for three years. They rock. I have learned from them. And at the risk of sounding arrogant I know they have learned from me. I will miss them. We all got along great. We all worked together well. We had regular Friday night parties at the studio. For a time we did raku firings with a lot of wine (ok, maybe not the brightest idea but it was fun).

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LGHT said...

Good luck in your new home. Hopefully I can take my weekend hobby to the level you have and find a home of my own one day!