Saturday, November 28, 2009

Step by step salt and pepper shakers

So I saw these little beauties on someone else's blog. I wish I recall where I saw them so I could give proper attribution. These aren't my idea. I just don't recall where I read about them.

I don't give a lot of space to pottery except for glazing. So I thought I would take this opportunity and concentrate on throwing technique.

Step one: Center a small ball of clay, then open all the way to the bat face.

Step two: Using one finger form the start of the inside wall.

Step three: Carefully pull up the inner wall and form it into a cone. Be sure to leave a small opening. I use the blunt end of my needle tool as a guide.

Step four: Start pulling up the outer wall.

Step five: Pull up the outer wall.

Step six: Collar off the top.

Step seven: Clean up the form with a wooden rib.

Stepeight: Using a wire cut the shaker off the bat. I hand trim these.

Step nine: I use tooth picks to make hole for shaking out the spices.

The most important step... glaze!!!

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Lee Love said...

Salt shaker is a Warren MacKenzie design, probably first created by Bauhus potters. It is also similar to the cadogan teapot: