Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Possible changes on the way

So as I have mentioned I moved from Everett to Seattle. With it comes a re-evaluation of my studio situation. I visited a potential new studio this afternoon.

A big beautiful and busy studio. There were half a dozen people there on a Tuesday afternoon. Still a lot of space to work.

There was a nice glaze room with a full assortment of chemicals. A great board showing all the house glazes over a variety of clay bodies. Lots of nice traditional glazes. No evidence of a spray booth or equipment though.

I went into the two kiln rooms. One had maybe 6 electric kilns. All digital. Then I went into the gas kiln room. The large gas kiln was firing. The thing is a monster. It's taller than me by a few feet (I am 5'10") and it's square. So this is a HUGE kiln. The four burners are about 6 inches in diameter. The other kiln was a little bit smaller but not by much.

I really hope I get accepted to this studio. It looks like a great place to take my game to the next level. I saw the electric kilns with the digital controllers and immediately thought oil spots. The gas kilns had me drooling because I have never gotten to fire in reduction. Shinos, copper reds, celedons, oh my.

I am hoping to know next week if I get in. In the mean time I have a week off from work. I will be spending a lot of time in the current studio - which still rocks because of the uber cool peeps there - this week. I am planning on spending 8 - 10 hours there tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get some decent pics to post.

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