Saturday, November 21, 2009

A pleasant surprise

I finally got back to the studio today. I got spend about 3 hours there. I spent most of it glazing some bisque ware that had stacked up. Among the pots I glazed today were 5 mugs. I tried to make some mugs with handles made in a style that I love but have had problems with the handles.

I started with eight mugs but dropped one while trimming. Down to seven. While drying two of the mugs had the handles pull off the mug. Down to five. They got bisque fired. All made it through the bisque firing.

I glazed two with clear inside the mug, strontium crystal magic (modified), lorio ash (modified), cornell iron saturate, and seiji nuka (modified). I am not real sure how these will come out as I haven't used the cornell iron saturate outside two test tiles that I didn't really like. I did the other three with the same layers of glazes except I used bailey's red instead of the cornell iron saturate. I have used that combination with success several times. I also used the clear/SCM/lorio ash/bailey's/nuka on a large bowl.

I glazed two platters. One platter was really nice, one sucked. Both got SCM with Obsidian 3 (modified) over the top. I have high hopes for these. Well, for the one that doesn't suck. I have used this combination many times and it's probably my favorite. It gives a wonderful deep floating blue type glaze... but deeper blue than a normal floating blue.

Lastly I tried a new combination on a vase. I put a fairly thick layer of modified lori ash, this batch had 3% copper carbonate added. It yields a deep forrest green ash. Under the ash is a layer of SCM. The bottom half of the vase has a layer of obsidian. I am pretty eager to see how this combination works.

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