Thursday, November 26, 2009

Latest results

My favorite from the latest batch.

SCM / Obsidian 3 (modified)

I used a smallish spray gun to apply three swathes of SCM followed by an overcoat of obsidian. There are nice little gold tea dust crystals in the glaze. I like this platter.

This mug has a palette I have been using for awhile.

SCM / lorio ash (modified) / seiji nuka (modified) / bailey's red

This mug has the new combination I was trying;

SCM / Lorio ash (modified) / Seiji Nuka (modified) / Cornell Iron Saturate

I love the colors but the application was wonky and parts came out very stony and rough. I will try this again but with a thicker coat and/or a coat of clear over it.

So this is what happens when you lean your bat over to check out the profile of a pot you just got done throwing. Oops.

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