Sunday, October 4, 2009

Three new pictures

Three new pictures.

Oh and I tested a new turquoise. Came out Ok but not too stunning. I am going to keep tweaking it.


geolewter said...

I really like the pitcher with the warm color pallette, particularly the brick red lower portion with the low contrast design element it contains.

chaetoons said...

The bottom pot is superbly lovely !!! Love your glaze combo's!

Eric Preece said...

Thanks ;)

alienor said...

i love your laze combos, but i would really like to see their names under each picture. it is difficult to try to guess which are which.

Eric Preece said...

Good point. I should have been more clear.

Top one is a modified Strontium Crystal Magic covered by Obsidian 3. Both recipes can be found in other blog posts.

Next one is modified Strontium Crystal Magic, Bailey's Iron Red (recipe from his book), modified Seiji Nuka, modified Lorio Ash (recipe is in a post).

Bottom two are pictures of modified Strontium Crystal Magic, Obsidian 3, and cone 6 macro-crystalline glaze overloaded with copper. I don't recall if I have posted that recipe or not.