Friday, October 2, 2009

A lightbulb moment

Sometimes I have my best ideas in the shower. No idea why. I had an idea this morning. A simple one but one that has me excited.

I find my most satisfaction from the interaction of glazes. Nothing is better for me than seeing two or more glazes melt together to become something greater than either glaze alone. Mixing or layering glazes is fairly easy with a spray gun - which I have. And I have found some glaze combinations I really like. But something was missing, I wasn't sure what.

In the shower this morning I was thinking of the work of Fetish Ghost. I really love his stuff and will be buying some to add to my collection. He does not layer glazes, he uses paper stencils and brushes on slips. Then as the hot water poured over my head I realized that I can use Fetish Ghost's paper stencil technique to enhance the glaze layering I do.

Now granted this isn't ground breaking. I am sure many many potters already do this. But I had never done it and never thought to do it. I expect adding this technique will be a nice new tool for me. I will be designing and making some stencils over the next few days. I have about a dozen pots waiting for a bisque fire and will be using stencils on several to test this out with my glazes.

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