Monday, October 12, 2009


Yeah, sometimes I am my own worst enemy.

I forget that less is more. At least in my view. Especially when it comes to pottery. Keep it simple stupid.

I tested a cone 6 crystal glaze that used mason stain as a colorant. It came out pretty cool. So I mixed up a batch with orange stain. Put it on a pot with my tin/chrome red. With some strontium crystal magic. And some highlights of a crystal glaze with cobalt.

All the colors came out as I expected. Unfortunately I failed to realized before firing what an abomination those would be together. The pot looks like a teen age girl who doesn't know how to put on make up but wants to put a lot on. It's garish and ugly.

I am going to put it in our "free" pottery garden. Some fool will take. I will concentrate on limiting myself to two or three glazes per pot.

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