Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An interruption

Again, I try to keep the non-pottery stuff off this blog however some times other things leak into my pottery. This is one such time.

I mentioned in a prior post that my wife and I recently bought a house. Well our closing date is rapidly approaching. As a result I am spending all my time packing and cleaning. I haven't been to the studio in almost two weeks. And it's going to get busier. After the sale closes we have to replace the fridge, build a fence to keep our filthy dogs at bay, and paint several rooms before we move in.

I probably will be out of the studio for a month. It's the longest I have been out of the studio since I started. My head is swirling with ideas but no time to execute any of them. And I know myself well enough to know that by the time I get into the studio a lot of those ideas will be gone.

One of those little things; I was looking at an old mug I made. The mug has an octopus on the side. The mug is floating blue but I put a tin/chrome red on the octopus. While I was washing it I noticed I had the two glazes overlapping on the bottom of the octopus. I had never noticed this before. It looked good. I may try this combo on some pots.

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