Thursday, September 3, 2009

Test results

Opened the kiln this morning.

I had two test glazes in the kiln, a very modified lorio ash and a modified Leach Yellow Seto.

The modified lorio ash came out exactly how I expected and what I wanted. Yellow with darker rivulets. As importantly to me the glaze ran but not too much. The amount of run I am looking for is a pronounced but controlled run. Sound confusing? Not really, my criteria is simple; No running past the application point. So on a vertical test tile the glaze runs no further down the tile than the brush/dip line. This glaze didn't. The runs stopped right at the brush line. I am extremely happy with this test. Now the next step, putting on pots.

The yellow seto came out strange. Very matte. I suspect it didn't melt. But the thing is... it came out purple. Yeah, freaking purple. A dry matte purple. While certainly not what I was after it's interesting nonetheless. I am debating next steps here. Not sure if I fork the recipe keeping a small batch of the recipe as is or just bagging it and working on the recipe to get the result I was after.

Lastly my very dark blue glaze - I had three pots glazed with this glaze, all three developed tea dust like crystals. Not what I expected. Not sure if this was an application issue (too thick) or the kiln under fired. I didn't load or fire this load so there were no witness cones, normally I always use witness cones. Without the witness cones I can't say for sure what cone the kiln fired to.

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