Friday, September 25, 2009

Rule Number 1 of Glaze Club

I have some new glaze test results.

I tried a new version of strontium crystal magic that I got from a cone six glaze group.

Strontium Crystal Magic
Custer spar 120
Whiting 45
Strontium Carb (type D) 33EPK 39
Fr 3124 12
Lithium Carb. 12
Titanium dioxide 36
Bentonite 6
Yellow Iron ox 6 for orange

I was very excited to get this recipe. I have a working version of SCM but I couldn't
for the life of me get the signature orange color of Steven Hill's SCM. So here is this group that Steven Hill is involved with and I have high hopes for this glaze. Here's
the result:

The result is promising but not exactly what I was looking for. I forgot the first rule of glazing... glazes don't travel. To give you an example of why glaze tweaking is so important and how badly some glazes travel I give you my own story. We have three electric kilns in the studio I use. I have one glaze that looks different depending on which of the three kilns you fire it in. One kiln is beautiful, one I get teadust crystals - this is not a teadust glaze, the third never fires it to maturity. So I was foolish to rush out thinking that someone else's version of SCM would magically work for me. Developing a glaze is a very personal and individual quest.

The reason I got a pale peach color instead of the vibrant orange could be any one or a combination of several factors. As always someone else's gaze recipe should never be anything more than a starting point.

So the next thing for me is to start pulling the levers to adjust this glaze to produce the color I want in the kilns I have. One thing to note is that I will only adjust one factor at a time. If you change more than one item at a time you will have trouble determining what worked and what didn't. The first thing I will tweak is the amount of yellow iron oxide. I am going to do a line test - 3% - 13%. I expect to get the color I want somewhere in that range.

I have 3 other new glazes but I am late starting dinner I will post those later.

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