Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back at it

So the house thing fell through. The house had dry rot, insects, and a bad foundation. We're looking again but in the mean time.... back to the studio!

I pulled a couple tumblers out of the kiln that came out very nice. I used an iron bearing stoneware to make these. I normally use porcelain but once in awhile I like to switch it up and use an iron bearing clay just to keep things interesting.

Well, these tumblers had clear liner inside, the outside had a thin coat of strontium crystal magic (mod), then a coat of an iron red, then some highlight stripes, grestley borate/rutile and a copper saturated nuka. The combinations worked really well.

One of the glazes I am missing from my palette is a reliable yellow. To that end I mixed up a modified version of Leach Yellow Seto today:

Wood ash 48
Yellow Ochre 25
Neph Syn 25
Lithium Carb 2

We'll see if it A. Melts B. Doesn't suck.

Oh and in the same kiln load I am firing a test of the modified lorio ash I mentioned a couple posts ago. I replaced the rutile with RIO and TiO2 and bumped up the flux to increase the run and smooth out the bubbles.

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