Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some recent results

I had some unexpected results from a recent kiln load of pots.

I put a strontium matte under the alberta slip glaze I have been using lately. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting what I got. I got a beautiful floating blue type glaze. Check out the plate below.

The dark stripes are drips of a blue crystalline glaze.

Here is the same combo, strontium matte under alberta slip glaze but this time with barnard slip ash glaze on the rim.

The pale stripes are a grestley borate/rutile wash.

I had a couple other nice pots, some nice mugs but as you can see I haven't yet spent the time and money to get a good photography set up for my pottery pictures. The pictures of the mugs came crappy so I will not up load them.

I have a bowl that I tried something different on and it worked. I used the alberta slip glaze on the bowl expect for a circle about 2.5 inches in the bottom. In that circle I put in a thick coat of blue crystalline glaze. The pool of crystalline glaze came out great. Nice crystals without a computer controlled kiln. Beautiful color. I am going to mix up a batch of clear crystalline glaze and pool it in a bowl letting it overlap a little with the alberta slip glaze. I expect the edges to have blue crystals giving way to white crystals.


geolewter said...

Unless you're needing gallery or portfolio pix, I suggest taking your shots outside in natural light, a deck railing with blurry grass in the background really isn't bad.

allyson Perry said...

Is the 'floating blue' the obsidian 3 over the scm? I tried your recipe for obsidian 3 over scm and it turned into a very light, matte blue with quite large lighter crystals! Cool, but not what I want! I also found tonnes of dark gold crystals in the obsidian, which again, is cool but they almost overwhelm the black. Do you slow cool your glazes?