Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weird stuff

So I expected to have to learn a lot as I took up pottery as a hobby. I have learned about glazes, throwing, firing, chemistry, design, selling, all sorts of stuff. One thing I never thought I would have to learn about is stealing. But here I am learning about stealing.

There are 12 members at the studio I use. That means a lot of pottery is produced. a lot of bad pottery. A lot of kiln disasters. A lot of glaze mishaps. A lot of crappy pots. So we got tired of these accidents laying around the place and started a shrine to the kiln gods. Well, we really just started putting our crappy and or broken pots in a small garden outside our studio door. We stacked the pots, hung them from the fence, put them on rebar we drove into the ground. We just decorated the garden with these throw away pots. It was a little abstract and cool.

I was throwing about a week ago and someone pulled up to the studio and parked. This lady got out and walked over to the shrine and stared for awhile. She got back in her car and left. Strange I thought. A few days later I noticed one of my favorite pots in the garden was gone. I stared looking thinking someone had moved it. I realized many pots were missing. Someone was stealing our pots. I was angry and amused at the same time.

These were/are pots that are total crap. And yet someone was stealing them. I was angry - how dare someone steal this stuff. Yeah, it's crap but it's MY crap. Keep your dirty hands off my stuff. But I also had to laugh. Really? You want to steal the vase that had the bottom blow out in the bisque firing because it wasn't dry? Really? That's what you're gonna steal? Are you high?

So I chuckled to myself through grinding teeth.

Yesterday I was throwing again and some lady pulled up, parked, walked over to the shrine and loaded up her arms with three pots. A vase that had a barnard slip glaze that didn't melt on it (horrifically ugly), a broken plate, a broken bowl. While I was watching. Got back in her car and drove off.

Seriously people. WTF.

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