Monday, July 27, 2009

Some glaze results

So as is always the case, as soon as I feel like a master of all things pottery, I unload a kiln that nothing turns out.

My beautiful black that I love so much... yeah that doesn't play nicely with the red I love. I glazed 3 cups and 2 bowls with the combination of the obsidian and the tin chrome red. I expected the black to darken from the interaction with the chrome. But that's not what happened. The black/blue glaze washed out. It lightened up considerably so that's it's a middle of the road blue. Where the glazes transitioned to each other I expected a purple. Not such luck, it turned white. Yeah, a blue so dark it's almost black +red equals white. Go figure. I assume the tin is the wild card here. I think the tin is what's responsible the unexpected result.

Next was my line test of barnard slip/wood ash/F3134.

Results are pictured below.

Left to right:

I wasn't really happy with any of them. While with 10% frit the glaze melted well it ran more than I wanted. It didn't give me that webbing of a good ash glaze either.

So at 20% I got the webbing but the color vanished. And it ran. A lot.

The other samples had the same issues as the 20% test but more pronounced.

I might work in the 10% range some more. I want the color. Also I am going to try the black/blue glaze with all the different iron glazes I have. I expect it to play nicely with iron glazes.

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