Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting back in the studio

After taking some time off to spend time with my daughter I am hitting the studio again. Pottery is a slow hobby. I have a bunch of pots drying but so far nothing bisqued or completed.

I have a couple large bowls, a set of mugs with twirly handles, and a new tentacle vase. The tentacle vase is a "pillow" vase, semi-spherical, very narrow mouth. The vase was about 10-12 inches tall before I started messing with it. All my tentacle pots have extruded additions, this specific pots has three tentacles added pointing straight up. They were attached along the mouth of the vase. I really like this pot. I hope it makes it through the whole process.

The tentacles I add to these pots are extruded. I extrude anywhere from 3 inches to 12 inches. I then pull the non-attached end close. Then the closed end I gently pull like a handle. After I get the general shape and length I want I cut the tube/cone off with a wire. Then I move the piece to a board, putting it down resting on the end I just cut off. I let it dry a bit until the vase that it will be attached to is trimmed.

In addition to the pots I have drying I made a line test of barnard slip/wood ash/F3134. I am seeing what it's going to take to make my barnard slip/wood ash glaze to melt.

I'll post some pictures as things get further along in the process.

Lastly, I made some behind the scenes updates to my glaze db. Nothing too major, better internal logging. Actual tagging support comes next.

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