Friday, June 26, 2009

Some new glaze tests

I got some time in the studio and mixed up a couple glaze tests.

The one I am most excited about is a modification of Richard Aerni's Obsidian 3:

Albetra Slip 91%
Cobalt Oxide 9%

My version:
Alberta Slip 75%
F3134 25%
Cobalt Oxide 5%

I am hoping for a deep glossy black with a lot of character. I tried this in combination with a number of my normal glazes.

I also mixed up batches of wood ash/slip glazes. I had tried these before but after a few test tiles didn't yield god results I shelved them. I always felt that I didn't give them a fair shake. So I mixed up new batches and applied these in combination with my normal glazes. I *hope* to get good results. I used these on a number of bowls that I had lying around the studio.

Barnard Slip 50%
Wood Ash 50%

Alberta Slip 50%
Wood Ash 50%

One important note is that I did not sieve these glazes. Initially when I tested these I had sieved these glazes. After talking to potters more knowledgeable than me I realized that the secret sauce in slips, especially Barnard Slip, is in the stuff I probably sieved out. Barnard has a lot of "sand" in it. This "sand" is high in Mg which even in small amounts can have a large impact on glazes.

Lastly I also did a test of just wood ash. I mixed straight wood ash with water and applied on a bowl. On areas that were both bare and covered by other glazes. I have seen this done by other potters with good results. I want to see how it works with my glazes, kilns.

I expect to fire these tests over the weekend. I'll post pictures if they're any good.

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