Saturday, June 6, 2009

The sale was interesting

The sale today taught me a lot.

I brought roughly 30 pieces to sell. About 15 good and 15 crap I just wanted to get rid of. I sold every piece but 3. One of the left overs was one that I thought would sell right away. My favorite pot was the second one to sell. The lady who bought it raved as she told me exactly where it would go in her house. She had the "perfect spot" for it.

What I learned;

1. Glaze colors: My favorite glaze, an iron red, is not everyone's favorite glaze. I have not sold a single pot with this glaze. Not one. On the other hand I sold every piece with floating blue. I sold all but one piece that had the tin/chrome red. Watching what sold for others - bright colors sell. 

2. Be interesting: I saw a lot of pots that were made by professional potters. Most of the made me go "meh". Why? They weren't interesting. They were the same shapes, forms I have been seeing at arts and crafts fairs my entire life. Interesting pots sold, traditional pots sold less. I'll post more about this later. I thought a lot about it today. I don't want sound arrogant. 

3. You gotta sell: Pots sell better if you try to sell them. I would like to sit back and let the pots speak for themselves. But reality is that it's still retail sales and treating your customers like ... well, customers helps sell more product. 

The studio sold a grand total of 4 pieces last year. This year we sold over $400 worth of pots. No pots was over $30, most were under $10. We're going to do another sale in Oct. We hope to be better for that sale.

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