Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not enough hours in the day

Things have been going pretty well. As I posted earlier the sale went great. Sold lots of stuff - including a bowl I threw that we brought hummus to the sale in. We washed it out (sort of) put it on the shelf and boom! it was gone. Now I am running into trouble. I don't have enough time to get the stuff done I want to do.

I am trying a new technique to throw bowls. It will take practice. Time. I want to keep making the tentacle pots. Time. I have a tin of glazes to make. Time. I have a bunch of glaze tests to do. Time. And again I am a weekend potter. On top of the weekend potting my daughter is in town for a month and a half and I am spending most of my spare time with her, so much less time than normal potting.

I was in Seattle Pottery Supply and they have a bookcase with back copies of Ceramics Monthly for sale. I was browsing when one issue caught my eye. The cover had a geeky looking potter in front of a half dozen large beautiful pots with stunning ash glazes. I am a sucker for good ash glazes. I picked up the issue and thumbed through to see who the potter is; Richard Aerni. I wrote about him in an earlier post. I modified his ash recipe to work at cone 6 and freakin love it. Well, here he was on the cover of Ceramics Monthly in Dec 1994. The article goes into detail about his ash glaze as well as some other glazes of his. He has a slip listed that I am going to try to modify for cone 6. What really caught my eye though was his black slip glazes:

Obsidian 1
Albany Slip 91%
Cobalt Ox. 9%

Obsidian 3
Alberta Slip 91%
Cobalt Ox 9%

Now those recipes are interesting to me. First, he seems to use them as a liner... and that high cobalt ox would freak me out. I am going to read up on cobalt leeching. Second, just slip and cobalt? How cool is that? I don't have any Albany slip but I do have Barnard and Alberta slip. I am going to do some line tests and see what I need to add to get those to melt completely at cone 6. Then work in the cobalt. I am hoping for a good black liner glaze.

I haven't had a good black since I moved from cone 10 to cone 6/ I know... how the hell do I get by without a black? I had a great iron based black, mirror gloss, smooth, beautiful. I haven't found a cone 6 black I really like.

Now, I just need to find the time to do the line tests... and read up on cobalt levels... time.

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