Monday, June 1, 2009


So I couldn't help myself. I bought some decal paper and read up on laser toner decals. Even bought a book about it. The decal paper is not cheap either, $4 a sheet.

I only forgot one step - to check my printer to ensure it's a laser printer, not an ink jet. Yeah. I have an ink jet printer. 

On the plus side I refired a bowl I had written off as a lost cause. Not so lost now. Not really stunning or anything but sellable. I also ran a couple of glaze tests and got a nice result with a Mg crawl over a black glaze. My only beef is the black glaze reacted to the Mg and it turned a chocolate brown when it's normally pitch black. Oh well. Still looked nice and had a nice texture. 

I bought some under glaze pencils. My SO, finance, wife, girlfriend, whatever label you wanna put on her, is quite an artist. She paints beautifully. She's been asking to draw on some of my pots. This is how I am going to glaze the platters. She drew a really nice poppy with a black underglaze pencil on one. I will spray it with clear tonight and fire sometime this week. She'll have red, blue, yellow, and green to work with for the next couple platters. 

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