Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An adventure at the center of the known universe

I spent part of my past weekend at the center of the known universe. Or as those of us in the Seattle know it in Freemont. They have a great street fair and I spent an entire day there. And yeah, I saw naked people walking around in the crowd. Freemont is full of freakin' hippies.

I ate too much junk food as I tend to do at these types of things. I spent too much money as I tend to do at street fairs. I saw some really cool stuff. Some pottery, some not.

I had a great talk with Sarah Parent. Her work was really quite beautiful. I bought a small bowl. I don't need it nor really have room for more pottery but I want to support people doing good work, and she is doing what I consider good work.

I bought this design on a tee shirt. I didn't catch the guy's name and his web site is pretty bare but I was just hypnotized by his work. Something about them, I can't explain. I just had to keep looking.

I spent time at Matthew Patton's booth. I have always liked his plates. He has wide glaze palette. I find Matthew's work inspiring because nearly any color you can name he has a plate with that color glaze (I think the sole exception is true tweety bird yellow). When I was having a hard time believing that a good food safe red could be produced I saw some of Matthew's plates in a local gallery. Bright red. Looking at Matthew's work reminds me that nearly anything is possible with glaze.

There were many other potters. Most were boring. Same hard core craft - craftcore - pots. You know what I am talking about. The same mugs everyone makes. The same strainers. The same plates. The same bowls. The same glaze palettes.

I spent a little time in the studio. Not nearly enough. I threw a decent vase. Nothing special. A wide shoulder guessing 10-12 inches, narrow mouth, about 3 inches in diameter. I attached 7 tentacles. All 7 were covered in red slip. I am letting this dry a tad as working with the slip was messier than I thought it would be. Once things are a bit drier I am going to add some black slip spikes to the tentacles.

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