Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What next?

One ... I dunno... issue I have is as soon as I am satisfied I have figured out how to do something I tend to move on. So now I am looking for what to do next. I had been working on making these weird handles, I finally figured out how to do and have lost interest. 

Now I am thinking about image transfer. A lot of ceramic artists do it and I have no idea how. What's worse is I don't really have any thought to what images to transfer. I just have this itch to investigate the process and train myself to understand it. 

Our studio has purchased a booth in a local arts and crafts show in June. I am working to have 25 pieces ready for that show. As a weekend potter this is harder than it sounds. I only complete on average 2 or 3 pieces per week.

I am working on v2 of my glaze database. Rewriting it as OO. I am old school and wrote it in a procedural style. I will be adding extensive logging. I used javascript for most functions so the page tracking doesn't tell the true story of the actual traffic. Also adding the tagging functionality. Some folks have been using it. 

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